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A podcast about all aspects advertising and marketing. We look at diversity issues, challenges, media, where the industry has been, where it's going, with guests and experts from all disciplines.Let's talk about advertising.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. S2 E01: Tracy Chavez of Starcom and Yareli Esteban of Strategar

    After a long hiatus, we're back with a new logo and a new name! For our first episode of the second seaosn, we have a fascinating conversation with two of my favorite people in the industry: Tracy Chavez of Starcom and Yareli Esteban of Strategar. We talk about how consumers ...


  2. "What's most worrisome is a lack of curiosity" - a conversation with Matías Jaramillo

    The first episode of the year is a conversation with Matías Jaramillo, our Director of Digital Initiatives and all around great guy. We talked about how agencies and clients approach digital, what "digital" means today, the rise of new technologies and how they can be used creatively and more. Let me ...


  3. Gonzalo López Martí - LMMiami

    In the 10th episode of the Adversity Podcast, Gonzalo López Martí of LMMiami tells us about his background working in large agencies and the transition to operating a small boutique shop, his approach to creativity and the fun of creating a new brand. Here are some samples of his work: Naming & ...


  4. Ep 9 - Diversity has to be more than shades on a page. A conversation with Sylvia Banderas

    Launching a new print title is never easy - and it's even more complicated when you're targeting Latinos in both English and Spanish. I had the good luck to talk to Sylvia Banderas, Publisher of Hola! USA about the current print landscape, her efforts to promote diversity within the pages ...


  5. Episode 8 - Lokal Media House

    For this episode, I met with Danny Braught and Max Fuerst of Lokal Media House. LMH is a small, very agile production company that specializes in creative solutions for a streaming and social world. We had a great conversation about their approach to production, difficult clients, where technology is going, ...